Monday, November 29, 2010

Questions For Your Creativity (From Lael Johnson)

Sit down and ask yourself some of these questions, during your free and quiet time. Listen carefully to what your creativity has to say to you.

What is the cost of pursuing your creativity?
What is the cost if you don’t pursue your creativity?
How much time does nurturing your creativity take?
How much time are you willing to give to your nururing your creativity?

What resources do you need to nurure your creativity?

How much time are you willing to experiment with your creativity?
How much percolating time do you need?
How much production time do you need?

What associations do you need to join?
What type of artist buddy(ies) do you need to find?
What type of networking do you need to pursue?

What kind of personality do you have?
How comfortable are you with experimentation?
How comfortable are you with developing your creativie discipline?
What is your first reaction to the phrase “problem-solving”?

What artistic invitations would you like to receive?
What artistic events do you see yourself pariticpating in?
What artistic events do you find enjoyable, stimulating or inspiring?

What venues does your creativve ability thrive in?
What venues do not fit with your creativie ability?
What venues can you create for your work? Or can you create to display the work of others?

What causes touch your heart?
Are you inspired to use your art to support your favorit cause(s)?
What artists inspire you, because they produce their art to support a specific cause?

Where do you develop your creative themes?
How long does it take for you choose an idea?
What are some of your least favorite themes?

Why do you want to express your creativity?
Why do you want to mentor other creative people?
Why do you maintain your daily creative discipline?

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Rob Brown said...

First, let me say that I found this to be a very "creative" idea.
I realize nobody appointed me editor and I'm not trying to belittle anyone. I would never do that, but that being said, I would want someone to let me know if I missed anything after I finished proof-reading any of my work. So, if you're interested, I found the following things, let's just say, questionable. I don't believe there needs to be a comma between the words "questions" and "during", also, under the "C:" paragraph, the first "your" before "nurturing", (which is also misspelled as nururing),is unnecessary. Under the "T:" paragraph, creative is misspelled as "creativie". Under the "V:" paragraph, creative is misspelled as "creativve" and again as "creativie". The question mark after the word "work" should be a comma and the capital "o" in "or" should be changed to a lower case, creating a two part, one idea sentence. Under the "I:" paragraph,
favorite is misspelled as "favorit". Also, in the same paragraph, I'm almost positive there should be a second comma used after the word "because". Last, in the second "T:" paragraph, one sentence reads "for you choose an idea", it should read, for you to choose an idea.
I really hope this helps and not offends you.